Statistics show that most women can have more satisfying orgasms using sex toys than sex with their male partner. And if it comes with Latex Love toys, you get the cream in dream. Wearing the latex costumes that appeals your colorful mood, always makes your night interesting. In fact, according to the research conducted, 44% of women currently use a sex toy and half of those who buy a sex toy are on average 40 years old. Many women would like to buy a sex toy, but they are too embarrassed to enter a sex shop.

What about the features?

There are sex toys for both sexes in many colors, shapes, designs and styles from the small pearls that can be used for anal erotic pleasure to the biggest dildos-black. Yes, the sex toy can satisfy almost every sexual fantasy. But compared to a huge amount of sex toys on sale most people have no idea what to buy. So, how do you select the first sex toy of your life? First of all there are sex toys that are managed manually and others that are battery powered and therefore mechanical. If you want to have your hands free during stimulation choose an electric toy. These electrical devices vibrate or generate a buzz that produces intense erotic feelings.

Sex Toy: guide to buying your first sex toy

For a woman who is looking for some clitoral excitation, a battery powered device should be preferred. These sex toys are available in egg or penis forms and some also have different levels of speed. If you are deciding on a vibrator, you can take into consideration the noise and intensity of the sensation. In general, sex toys made with soft fabrics or latex, tend to be less noisy. If you need a lot of stimulation to reach orgasm you should try masseurs as they provide that extra boost.Before and after each use, wash the sex toy with soap and water. Never share the sex toy with anyone. Some sex toys are difficult to clean especially those made of rubber-jelly.

Conclusion: guide to buying your first sex toy

For those looking for the sensation of vaginal penetration, the best sex toy is a dildo. There are electric and manual. It will be necessary to take into account the length and the width and the color. If you decide to stimulate the back door, you must ensure that the base has a width that cannot accidentally slip inside the rectum. Otherwise, you could conquer a real embarrassing trip to the emergency room. There are also many sex toys that offer clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation at the same time.