Shopping for adult toys has never been easier thanks to the internet. Simply open up your browser and a whole range of sex toys are right there at your disposal. Shopping for sex toys online is fast, easy, and, most importantly, anonymous. Whether you’re looking for a vibrator, silicone dildo, pocket pussy, or a full-blown sex doll – you’ll be able to find it all online.

Although shopping for sex toys online is easy, wouldn’t it be much more fun and exciting to get out of your comfort zone and shop for them in a real store? Alright, we know that entering an actual sex shop can be scary or even awkward when you’re doing it with your partner for the first time. In fact, some may even consider it to be ‘’dirty’’. But believe us that there are numerous good reasons to do so. Below, we have listed down 5 reasons why you should try sex toy shopping with your partner.

  • Get a look at your toys before buying them

Sure, the internet is filled with nice pictures of adult toys that can give you a good impression of what it will look like in real. However, we can all agree that nothing goes above seeing and especially feeling the toy in real life. Pictures online are nice, but are they also realistic? Besides, a picture does not tell you anything about the texture and feel of the toy. This is why many people who buy their adult toy online often come to the realization that it does not exactly meet their expectations once they try it for the first time. When you see and hold it in real, you can be assured that you get the toy that meets your sexual needs.

Holding a toy allows you to feel the texture, weight, and softness of the product. Besides, it also gives you a true image of the size, allowing you to imagine whether it will be suitable for you or not. For vibrating toys, you’ll even be able to feel the vibrations by yourself to see whether it will be enough to stimulate you. When you physically analyze your toy before buying, you simply can’t go wrong!

  • Get professional feedback

Nowadays, everybody can sell sex toys online. The truth is, however, that many online stores do not know much about the products that they’re selling. Because of this, you won’t be able to fully rely upon their information nor can you expect an honest answer to all your questions. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve by visiting a physical sex shop! When you visit a store, you can benefit from the knowledge and advice of the professionals who work there. It goes without saying that they know everything you have to know about sex and masturbation.

Sure, it may feel a bit awkward at first to ask such personal questions to a stranger, but there is no reason to be shy. Keep in mind that they are professionals and that, no matter how weird your question might be, they have likely heard worse. No matter what you ask, you can be guaranteed to receive a true and honest answer in return. You might not have thought about it before, but having all your questions answered before purchasing and using an adult toy is very important. You are using them around your private parts, after all!

  • Learn about new ways to have fun

When we ask people about adult toys, most will mention the basic vibrator and dildo. But did you know that there are so many more exciting toys to experience? From the first moment you step inside a sex store, an entirely new world will open up for you. You’re likely going to be amazed by the vast collection of toys and gadgets that can help you spice up things in the bedroom. All these new toys will introduce you to all sorts of new ideas for you to try for both solo masturbation and couple sex – making you realize how endless the possibilities of sex really are. And remember, when you are not sure about what adult toy suits you best, you can always ask for some professional advice from the people who work there!

  • Find out what your partner likes

Perhaps one of the best and most exciting parts of visiting a sex shop with your partner is that you’ll get to know him or her better from a sexual perspective. Seeing what kind of adult toys interest your partner will show you an entirely new side of him. One fun game you can play is to walk through the store and to pick your favorite adult toy in your mind. Then, let your partner try to guess which toy you’ve selected. By doing so, you’ll not only have fun, but you’ll also get to know each other better. And who knows, perhaps you’ve always shared the same sexual fantasy that you simply didn’t know about before!

  • It’s good to leave your comfort zone

Nowadays, we all like to live inside of our own bubble where we’re safe and comfortable. But from time to time, it really is not a bad idea to leave your comfort zone and to be indiscreet for once. Sure, it’s not a crime to enter a sex store yet still, most people do experience it as something exciting and thrilling. This is especially the case when you enter a local store as there will always be the chance that you may walk into someone you know – making your visit to the shop even more of a thrill!