The traditional couple courtship is disappearing.

Since the birth of the internet, the ways of dating and dating have changed.

It started with traditional free online chat rooms and contact pages, but in recent years, mobile applications have gained in use and popularity.

Today, when a friend tells that he has met someone in the gym, in a bar or at work, he or she is surprised, it is experienced as something unusual.

Technological progress has led to the link to the online world, the most common being known by app.

In recent years, thousands of applications designed and designed to meet people have emerged.

They have been successful thanks to the fact that with one click you have the possibility of flirting with hundreds of people, the ease and immediacy.

We could make an infinite list of pros and cons, but let’s name the most common.


The ease: as we have pointed out before, a point in favor of linking through the internet is the convenience of entering from the sofa to an app and finding hundreds of options. Have on a screen many people who want to meet someone.

New opportunities: the online world connects you with people that you would surely never know otherwise, it brings you closer to people who perhaps have very far away or who without your neighbor but who had never considered talking to him/her. It opens up endless opportunities.

Overcoming shyness: the internet is ideal for those more introverted, more fearful people, with insecurity in seduction.

To understand the intentions: before proposing a meeting or starting a conversation to get to know each other, we can ask the appropriate questions to know if the person has the same intentions and meets those basic and basic requirements to be able to continue knowing it.


Deception: through a screen we have the possibility to cheat, to give a false image, show something we are not and play with the feelings of the other person. This can generate frustration, disappointment, etc.

Little implication: having so many options at your fingertips can generate a desire to take advantage of time and be talking to many people at the same time.

Expectations: when chatting with someone there are aspects that we cannot value until having a face-to-face meeting.

Like everything, it has its positive and negative points. The important thing is to know how to get it to work, be a little cautious and not create false illusions.