With the end goal to enhance connections, numerous individuals have progressively swung to Feng Shui cures planning to discover an answer for their burdens.

The Feng Shui utilized in this article is the Eight Mansion (Pa-Kua) School under the Xuan Kong System.


The most straightforward thing you can do to enact your own connections is to lay down with your head pointing towards your Nien Yin (Personal Relationship) course. For couples, it is suggested that you rest in a room situated in the female’s Nien Yin corner of the house, while you lay down with both your heads pointing towards the male’s Nien Yin bearing.

What’s more, be mindful so as not to rest under any overhead pillars, as doing as such is said to put weight on your adoration life.


Another technique to actuate your Nien Yin corner and enhance connections is to put Feng Shui cures and puppets in your Nien Yin corner. You can put these dolls in the Nien Yin corner of your room, house or even your office.

The most prominent of the relationship-improving Feng Shui cures is the modest mandarin duck. Mandarin ducks mate forever and will bite the dust of depression whenever isolated from their picked mate. These characteristics are the best impression of genuine romance, and will think about the individuals who utilize mandarin ducks in their Nien Yin corners.

Other than the mandarin duck, another cure that can enhance connections is the rose quartz precious stone. Rose quartz, additionally prevalently known as the “adoration stone”, is perfect for affection and connections because of its capacity to invigorate enthusiasm, vitality and certainty. These precious stones ought to likewise be put in the Nien Yin corner of your room or house.


You can likewise convey these relationship-mending properties with you wherever you pass by either wearing mandarin duck or rose quartz neckbands, or by putting such tokens in your wallet or purse.


In the event that you are occupied with taking a gander at different strategies to enhance connections and relational unions, you should need to think about utilizing the BaZi methods.

BaZi (articulated Par Zhee) isn’t identified with ordinary Feng Shui cures. It is a type of Chinese crystal gazing and divination, and can plot the course of your life utilizing your birthdate.

Utilizing BaZi, your qualities and shortcomings can be uncovered, and you will know when your fortunes and flourishing cycles will crest and drop, including those urgent “conflicting” focuses when critical changes will happen in your life. You can likewise discover your similarity and association with your family and in addition potential mates.