Protecting your health

Statistic Brain found one in three women have sex on the first offline encounter with a match they met online. Of those women, 80 percent did not use protection.

This statistic is concerning since according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a rise in STD rates, with the number of new syphilis cases doubling since 2013.

Having a healthy relationship means more than enjoying common interests with your partner and having space to take care of yourself. It also means protecting your body from harmful diseases that can be spread through sexual contact.

When meeting someone online, it is currently impossible to tell from their profile if they have an STD or are HIV positive. How then can someone practice safe online dating that protects their health as well?

The problem with traditional online dating

With traditional dating, people are told to err on the side of caution when giving out personal identification, even though you would want to find out if your partner is a real person using more than their name and age.

Several websites offer online dating tips around preventing identity theft, fraud, scams, or people collecting photos and videos for blackmail.

People tend to conduct their own background research on a potential partner, rather than trusting that the dating platform itself is properly screening its users.

Blockchain as the solution

Blockchain technology can be used to verify a user’s identity while also keeping their information private. IFFY is an application that takes this technology a step further by creating a verification tool for a user’s STD or HIV test results. Using IFFY, users can upload their test results and other healthcare information to the blockchain, where the data cannot be altered or seen without permission.

A user must give consent to another party to access their information, and can set a time limit or revoke access altogether. Each user will receive a unique IFFY ID badge, granting them anonymity should anyone look at the information on the blockchain.

Using blockchain technology, users will be able to quickly share their health results in a manner that still protects their privacy, which helps dispell the stigma around STDs and HIV.

IFFY hopes to encourage conversations around sexual health by making it easier for parties to share their information in a safe and judgement-free environment.

About IFFY

IFFY is a blockchain-based application that stores medical records on a decentralized platform. IFFY saw an opportunity for blockchain applications in healthcare by looking at the current method healthcare institutes use to maintain healthcare records online, which is prone to cyber-security attacks and makes for long wait times when transferring private records. The proposed solution of using blockchain technology makes streamlining private health information easy. IFFY aims to be the verification system of online health information.